A new nation declared

Published on 31 May 2020 at 11:53

A new nation declared: the Free City of Seacoln

The Free City of Seacoln was established on Sunday 31 May. The flag raising in Seacoln's government headquarters, in York, was performed by Luke Walker and some of his associates on the same day.

Inspired by the Seasteading Institute's Floating City Project, the new country was established as a provisional government to create a sustainable, eco-friendly seasteading project-nation in the North Sea in response to climate change.

It was proposed to locate a floating city in the North Sea, ideally anchored in Dogger Bank,  a large sandbank in a shallow area of the North Sea about 180 kilometres (62 mi) off the east coast of England, for Seacoln to be found.

The Government of Seacoln claimed that doing so, would have several advantages by placing it within the international legal framework; making it easier to engineer and easier for people and equipment to reach.

According to a Seacoln government spokesman, the new state entity will seek recognition in the international community.

The constitution will soon be published on 15 June 2020. Seacoln's government will be based in York until the completion of the floating city.

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